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N. KRINS (34 years old, Lecturer, 21 papers, Hindex 10) joined the LCMCP in Sept. 2014. She received her PhD degree in Materials Chemistry in the University of Liège in Belgium, in 2009, working on vanadium-based mesoporous thin films for Li-ion battery. She then worked as a postdoc for a year at LCMCP developing ultrathick mesoporous films in extreme conditions, before getting a 4-year postdoctoral research fellowship from Belgium to conduct her research during 3 years at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory working on nanocrystal-based thin film assembly for Li-ion battery, and during 1 year in LCMCP focusing on conceiving nanocrystal-based thick electrodes by electrospinning. She is now working at LCMCP as an assistant professor and is co-supervising a PhD on developing the new concept of a photo-rechargeable battery.

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Natacha Krins David  Grosso ( LCMCP - UPMC / ) Marco Faustini +1other(s)
Product name and / or Formula TiO2
State / Form Coating Porous materials from aqueous solution
Properties semi-conductor
Applications photocatalyst Li-ion battery electrode
Protocol keywords Sol-gel
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