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Dr Cédric. Boissiere was appointed as research scientist in 2002 at the University of Paris 6. He works at the Laboratoire Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Paris (LCMCP) on the synthesis of functional hierarchical nano-materials by coupling of evaporation processing and bottom-up soft-chemistry. Most of his achievements concern nanostructured thin films, nanoparticles and aerosol materials for optics, heterogeneous catalysis and nano-medicine. His work was awarded by the European Membrane Society (EMS) in 2006 and by the Jean RIST medal of the French Society of Materials and Metallurgy (SF2M)) in 2007.

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Cedric BOISSIERE Bernadette Charleux Clément Sanchez Pamela Pasetto +2other(s)
Product name and / or Formula Hollow SiO2 nanoparticles with mesoporous shells
State / Form Nanoparticules Surfactant or Mesophase Porous materials
Properties Hollow nanoparticles Core/Shell particles with radial mesoporous channels
Applications Drugs delivery
Protocol keywords Stöber Sol-gel
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