Thin Films Deposition Equipment

Thin films deposition is  definitely the simplest and the quickest method to make nanocoatings off chemical compounds by having the strongest level of command, rendering it incredibly appropriate for Research and Development as well as limited quantity fabrication. In certain high-tech situations, it will be helpful to transfer thinfilms on large surfaces. This particular concept is as easy as dipping the substrate inside an original bath prior to removing it at a fixed velocity. During this treatment, the coating naturally and evenly propagates on the surface of the material through the united results of viscous drag and capillary rise. Evaporation at that point takes over and creates solidification of the very final film. The perfect fine-tuning of the drawback rate, and of the evaporation environment (temperature range and related vapor pressures) is necessary to nicely regulate the deposition properties (thickness and inner structure). Within most open ways employed for such an objective, the dip-coating balance offers the specific ability to exactly command the aforementioned crucial variables. 

The unique SolGelWay dip-coater Acedip has been developed over fifteen years of experimenting working and creating sol-gel nanomaterials in various situations. It is accordingly equipped together with the most reliable motor enabling notably smooth solution transfer at speeds which range from 0.0005 to 50mm/s in order to enable work in capillarity as well as draining regimes. One exclusively concealed drying enclosure (patented feature) can be at the same time filled up with any gas and will be warmed up to 150°C in order to enable unparalleled control of evaporation. It is operated by  a proprietary software package specifically created to drive velocity, temperature as well as conditions variance all through the complete process (proprietary humidity controller setup available).

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